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What do we do?

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We have 7 sectors of ministries.

1) Student ministry
- Large group meeting & small group Bible study
* 8 campuses have groups that gather in the name of KNCF: in Seoul, Inchon, Kongju, Pusan. Chonju, Pusan. Daegu. and Kwangju.
* Other campuses have Christian nursing student groups. It may be possible to start NCF ministry on those campuses.

- National praise festival and National conference, held each winter and summer.
* We have much contact with some campuses and only a little contact with some other campuses.
* We had a meaningful time at the last national conference held 2003 July 8-10. Twelve professors from nursing colleges attended that conference. We hope that those who do not have NCF at their schools yet will be 뮤le to start an NCF ministry where they are, by reaching out in the academic area and being good Christian models.

- Honoring good Christian students
* KNCF gives honors to students who are selected as the best student in academic and Christian daily life at their schools. These honors are awarded at the schools' graduation ceremonies.

- Prayer points:
* growth in both quality and quantity of campus ministry (student groups and professors groups).
* extend our ministry in other parts of the provinces
* that the students may be good disciples of Christ

2) Graduate Nurses ministry
- Large group meetings and small group Bible studies
* groups in 15 hospitals gather in the name of KNCF ( 9 in Seoul, 1 in Wonju. 1 in Pusan. 1 in Daeku. 2 in Inchon. and 1 in Choongchung province)
* Other hospitals have their own meetings. There are many opportunities to start NCF ministry in various places. In most hospitals, including Christian hospitals, many nurses join a Christian fellowship at the hospital. Physicians and paramedical people are also at that meeting. So nurses feel there is no need for NCF activities.
They usually say 'We are OK here, we are busy and have no time. We attend church activities, and so we don't need a separate nurses fellowship.'

- National praise festival; and national conference held in the winter and summer with the students.
* We have a lot of contact with some hospitals and only a little contact with some others.

- Monthly chapel
* We have had chapel open to any Seoul nurses since 1999. About 30 nurses attend regularly, with some coming from out of town.

- Prayer points:
* growth, in both quality and quantity, of hospital ministry. We could have staff groups and nurse leader groups.
* Head nurses especially hold a very important position in Korea. They have a close relationship with both staff nurses and patients. A good Christian head nurse can have much influence on her unit and in the hospital. Head nurses can be good role models in their daily lives, and their influence will reach farther than even the staff nurses' influence.

In addition, age and seniority is very important in Asia. I think that introducing NCF ministry to head nurses is a very important strategy.

* that they may be good disciples in Christ.

* For the monthly chapels. Through these, God can care for nurses and help them find their calling as nurses. Furthermore through this spiritual 'recharging time,', the Lord can influence nurses in various places.

3) Publicity and Publication ministry
- Our goal is to publish a newsletter twice a year.
- Another goal is to publish a spiritual care book written by Koreans.
We published Called to Care in Korean.
- Another goal is to publish a booklet of nurses testimonies.

- prayer points:
* Money for publishing the newsletter.
* The right editors and writers for our material.
During the last year (2002), due to our poor financial situation and lack of writers, we have not been able to print a newsletter.
* That we can fulfill our goals listed above.

4) Academic Ministry
- We have held some nursing seminars; for example, on parish nursing and spiritual care.
- If Christian nursing scholars had a vision for integrating the Biblical perspective and nursing theory or nursing practice, great things could happen. May God challenge Christian nursing professors and clinical nurses with this vision.

- prayer point:
May many Korean Christian leaders attend and help at the 2004 NCFI conference to be held in Seoul. May KNCF be able to find professors and clinical nurses who can challenge others and be a good model in their nursing spiritually, socially, academically, and physically.

5) Missions ministry
- We support 28 nurse missionaries with prayer and financially.
This year at chapel, we started having hospitals 'adopt' a mission area; ie, that hospital is to especially pray for those missionaries, write them and support them.

- We pray for them at our monthly chapel.
- We support and have an annual students' work camp at one orphanage in Korea.
- We help at a medical clinic for foreign workers once a month.
- We hope to establish a missionary training center designed especially for nurses. We hope that will also be a place where nurses can come on their home assignments and receive continuing education.

- Prayer points:
* growth, in both quality and quantity, of our missions ministry.
* that we can network with all the Kkorean missionary nurses in the world.
* that we can collect data about Korean missionary nurses who do not have contact yet with KNCF.
* that KNCF can find out about good missionary nurse candidates, so we can cooperate with their mission organizations from the time they go out.

6) Co-operating with other agencies
We have active or passive links with the following organizations:
- Korea Christian Medical Evangelical Association
- Korea Pro- life Action League
- Christian Ethics Movement of Korea
- Basic Health Commission
- Global Care
- Christian Wholistic Health Association

Prayer point: that God send us nurses with the NCF spirit who want to be involved in ministry. We need more nurses like this.

Nurses Christian Fellowship International (NCFI) is a world-wide Christian nurses organization that seeks to help apply Biblical principles to various nurse settings (educational, research, and clinical) through various educational development programs and research, leadership training and small groups.
Also, NCFI is divided into six regions (North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, and the Pacific-East Asia region (PACEA). Every four years a regional conference is held. Korea is a member country of the PACEA region. June 28-July 6, 2002, We participated in the academic seminar and PACEA conference held in Manila in the Philippines.

In 1988 Korea Nurses Christian Fellowship formally became a member country of NCFI. Now the assistant chair of KNCF board, Lee Won-Hee (professor at Yonsei University Nursing College) is on the Executive Board of NCFI; and Lee Hye-Sook, Director of KNCF, is on the board of PACEA.

2004 July 4-9 the 16th quadrennial NCFI Conference will be hosted by KNCF. We hope that this conference will be pleasing to God and that it will help many grow in their concern for world mission.

- We are involved in NCFI global and regional conferences.
- We receive the NCFI newsletter.
- We support NCFI financially.

- Prayer points:
* that KNCF will have a good relationship with NCFI
* that the KNCF Board may understand NCFI more and be involved in various NCFI activites
* that our members will increase in their understanding of NCFI ministries

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